How “Jingle Bells” by barking dogs changed music

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got some hard limits when it comes to Christmas music. You might take in a little Bing or maybe you can listen to one or two of the 20 new versions of “All I Want for Christmas is You” that seem to pop up every year. Maybe “The Nutcracker Suite” is more your style. But when it comes to barking dogs singing “Jingle Bells“, that’s usually over the line. Way over the line.

So it’s probably hard to believe that the barking dogs were actually once considered to be the pinnacle of recorded music. The Atlantic has a story on how recording technology seized by American soldiers from Nazi Germany went on to form the basis for one of our most-loathed Christmas songs. While this song doesn’t get much respect today, the technology and techniques used to create it were the most advanced for their time, meaning most people in the early 1950s had never heard anything quite like it.